OMK supports soldiers’ children

In cooperation with Virginia Cooperative Extension’s 4-H program, Operation: Military Kids supports the children of deployed soldiers. It is the U.S. Army’s collaborative effort with America’s communities to support children and youth of geographically dispersed National Guard, Army Reserve and Active Duty families.

OMK does this by:

  • Creating networks of people, organizations and other resources to support military youth and teens where they live
  • Delivering a wide range of recreational, social and educational programs for military youth living in civilian communities
  • Acknowledging the strengths and sacrifices of military kids as everyday home front heroes
  • Supporting military kids coping with the stress of knowing their deployed parents may be in harm’s way
  • Educating the public on the impact of the deployment cycle on soldiers, families, kids, and the community

For more information on Virginia OMK programs, workshops, events and/or volunteer opportunities, please visit or contact Megan Baker ( | 301-401-4878).

OMK fact sheet 2012

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  1. Kathleen Jamison says:

    Fantastic program! I hope all folks who have an inkling of interest will contact Megan to find out more. We have five related grants and serve youth of geographically dispersed military families and youth on installations. We are proud to serve and send a “big 4-H!!!!!!” to all military youth and families.

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