2012 staff performance evaluation process and timeline

Before Staff Performance Evaluation time sneaks up on us, please review the following 2012 CALS Evaluation Timeline. As you have noticed with the online performance management tool, completing one step is dependent upon satisfactory completion of the previous step by you or others in the process. The sooner you get your part completed and to the next person, the more time the next person will have to complete his or her step. Detailed instructions for completing these steps are available. For questions or clarifications, please call April Lucas at 540-231-3003.
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July 30: Employees to start completing self-evaluations

Employees are given the opportunity to complete a self-assessment. Employees may use  the online performance management tool, the CALS Employee Self-Assessment form, or email. Employees will have two weeks to complete and submit.

Aug 10: Employee deadline to submit self-evaluation to supervisor

Aug 13: Supervisors to begin evaluations

Supervisors will have three weeks to complete and submit to reviewers (required for evaluations).

Aug 31: Supervisor deadline to complete draft evaluations and submit to the reviewer

Supervisors should schedule employee evaluation meetings for September 17-28 (two weeks).

Sept 3: Reviewers to begin reviewing evaluations

Reviewers need adequate time to consider and sign evaluations in agreement, or discuss any questions about evaluations with the supervisors before signing. Reviewers will have two weeks to consider evaluations.

Sept 14: Reviewer deadline to approve evaluations

This is important so that supervisors are afforded plenty of time for meetings with employees to review evaluations before they are due in HR. Please keep in mind that once approved by reviewers, evaluations must be released in the system by Southgate HR, which may take up to one week. Supervisors will be able to access evaluations again when the status is “Senior Management Approved.”

Sept 17: Supervisors to begin holding evaluation meetings with employees

Once the meeting is complete, be sure to send the evaluation to employees in the system. Supervisors will have two weeks to meet with employees.

Sept 28: Supervisor goal to complete evaluation meetings with employees

Oct 1: Employees to begin reviewing and approving final evaluations in the system

Employees will have ten days to complete this step, submitting it to Southgate.

Oct 10: CALS Employee deadline to complete submission of evaluations in the system

In the online system, a performance evaluation is considered “received” by Southgate when the employee selects: “I have received and reviewed my performance evaluation.” That completes the process.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding administration of the performance evaluation process or have questions in the course of completing your performance evaluations, please contact April Lucas at 540-231-3003 or alucas8@vt.edu.

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