External grants in the third quarter of fiscal year 2012

A partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the third quarter of fiscal year 2012 (January – March 2012) is included here. Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included. We apologize for any omissions.



PI and Co-PIs

Total Award Amount

Extension Initiative University of Nebraska M. Lambur (AEE) $135,579
Beneficial Effects of Novel Treatment (Biofield) on Chronic Disease Risks Trevidi Foundation D. Liu (HNFE) $101,909
Integrated Management of Oomycete Diseases of Soybean and Other Crop Plants USDA AFRI J. McDowell (PPWS), M. Saghai-Maroof (CSES), R. Laubenbacher (VBI), and C. Lawrence (VBI) $2,260,323
Peptide/Protein Stabilization and C and N Sequestration in Soil: What Are the Contributions of Mineralogy and Biota in Native and Agro-managed Soils? USDA NIFA M. Williams (Hort.) and K. Xia (CSES) $495,500
Identification and Molecular Characterization of Anti-diabetic Flavonoids National Institutes of Health D. Liu (HNFE) and M. Hulver (HNFE) $392,802
Juvenile Hormone Action, and Crosstalk between Juvenile Hormone and 20-Hydroxyecdynsone in Mosquitoes National Institutes of Health J. Zhu (BCHEM) $328,345
TMDL Studies for Twenty-Two Impaired Stream Groups in Virginia’s Little Otter River and Buffalo Creek Watersheds and James River Watersheds Virginia Department of Environmental Quality B. Benham (BSE), E. Yagow (BSE), and K. Kline (BSE) $234,596
Proof-of-Concept Phase 1: Enzymatic Hydrogen Production from Sugars Shell Gamechanger Program Y. Zhang (BSE) $450,000
The Occurrence and Fate of Sex Hormones and Their Conjugates in Animal Waste and Soil and Aquatic Environments USDA NIFA K. Xia (CSES) $232,014



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