External grants in the first, second quarters of fiscal 2012

The following table is a partial list of external grants received by CALS faculty during the first and second quarters of fiscal 2012 (July – December 2011).  Only projects with total awards of $100,000 or more are included.   We apologize for any omissions.

Title Sponsor PI and Co-PIs
Total Award Amount
SIPsmartER: A nutrition literacy approach to reducing sugar-sweetened beverages National Institutes of Health J. Zoellner (HNFE), Y. Chen (Communication), B. Davy (HNFE), W. You (AAEC.), and P. Estabrooks (HNFE) $630,479
Dynamical mechanisms influencing the population structure of airborne pathogens: Theory and Observations National Science Foundation S. Ross (Engineering Science & Mechanics) and D. Schmale (PPWS) $429,931
Modeling health status and pig growth on, and, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. University of Arkansas Fayetteville J. Escobar (APSC) and Mark Hanigan (DASC) $329,568
Soil Science Assistance Program Virginia Department of Health S. Hodges (CSES) $272,870
CNX-EX: Water Quality and Environmental Health in Botswana-Coupled Dynamics in a Water-Scarce Environment National Science Foundation K. Alexander (Fisheries and Wildlife Science), L. A. Krometis (BSE), and Monica Ponder (FST) $249,983
Experimental Identification of MicroRNA Targets in Mosquitoes during Plasmodium Infection National Institutes of Health J. Zhu (BCHEM) $236,420
Information Management in Large Scale IPM: the National Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread Project USDA, Forest Service E. Roberts (ENTO) and H. M. Dodd (ENTO) $225,144
Helping Streams Help Themselves: Restoring Sustainable and Distributed Water Pollution Attenuation National Science Foundation E. Hester (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and D. Scott (BSE) $224,020
Protecting sensory quality and riboflavin integrity in value-added milk and soy products based on TiO2 opacity in polyethylene DuPont S. Duncan (FST) $195,399
Correlation for TDS Release Potentials with Field Leaching Behaviors for Appalachian Coal Mine Spoils and Coarse Refuse Office of Surface Mining W. L. Daniels (CSES), M. Eick (CSES), and C. Zipper (CSES) $184,060
Development of Effective Monitoring Tools for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) USDA, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service J. C. Bergh (Alson H. Smith, Jr. AREC) $163,000
Mass Rearing Laricobius osakensis, a Predator of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) USDA, Forest Service S. Salom (ENTO) and L. T. Kok (ENTO) $145,000
Comparative Interaction Among Three Laricobius Species, Predators and Adelgidae, Part 2 USDA, Forest Service S. Salom (ENTO) and L. T. Kok (ENTO) $142,000
Cooperative Agreement Award between VPI&SU and USDA APHIS BRS USDA, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service R. Irwin (BHEM) $136,151
Post-Quarantine Assessment of Laricobius osakensis and Field Assessment of the Native Laricobius rubidus, both Predators of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid USDA, Forest Service S. Salom (ENTO) and L. T. Kok (ENTO) $132,000
Molecular Targets for Botanical compound Genistein to promote pancreatic beta-cell survival in diabetes American Diabetes Association D. Liu (HNFE) $108,707
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education VA Department of Social Services M. McFerren (HNFE), and J. Midkiff (Northeast District) $5,976,499
Management of the Switchgrass Rust Disease by Deploying Host Resistant Genes and Monitoring the Dynamics of Pathogen Populations USDA NIFA B. Zhao (HORT) and B. Tyler (VBI) $800,000
Engaging the New Biology: Integrating Quantitative Genetics and Genomics in Animal Breeding Graduate Learning USDA NIFA R. Lewis (APS) and B. Lockee (Learning Science & Technology) $700,142
Transitioning Small Dairies to Phosporus-Based Nutrient Management National Fish & Wildlife Foundation K. Knowlton (DASC), J. Ogejo (BSE), J. Ignosh (BSE), R. Maguire (CSES), and J. Welsh (Nothwest District Coop. Extension) $600,000
Digging for Metabolic Fossils in Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii USDA NIFA R. White (BCHEM) $327,782
Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS) USDA NIFA M. Marchant (AAEC), E. Smith (Statistics), and E. Vance (Statistics) $247,000
Tanzania Collaborative Research and Capacity Building Ohio State University S. K. DeDatta (OIRED), M. Bertelsen (OIRED), K. Moore (OIRED), and O. Abaye (CSES) $232,214
Virginia IPM Program USDA NIFA A. Herbert (Tidewater AREC), E. Bush (PPWS) D. Pfeiffer (ENTO), R. Youngman (ENTO), J. Derr (Hampton Roads AREC), D. McCall (PPWS), M. Nita (Alson H. Smith, Jr. AREC), and M. Weaver (ENTO) $201,734
What’s in Your Water? Linking Rural Health and Household Drinking Water Safety  USDA NIFA L. Krometis (BSES), Brian Benham (BSES), and P. Ziegler (FST) $195,193
An Integrated Approach to Improving Plant Biomass Production Colorado State University B. Zhao (HORT) $147,698
Phenylbutyrate Therapy for Maple Syrup Urine Disease Baylor College of Medicine S. Hutson (HNFE), E. Ananieva-Stoyanova (HNFE), and M. Jones (HNFE) $142,759
Technical Support for Non-Point Source Pollution Control and TMDL Implementation Projects Va. Department of Conservation & Recreation B. Benham (BSE) $132,400
The Impact of Oil Prices on the Air Transportation Industry University of Maryland A. Trani (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and E. Peterson (AAEC) $122,235
Water Quality Monitoring and Bacterial Source Tracking Plan, Years 5-6 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission C. Hagedorn (CSES) $100,000
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