Employee of the Month – May





Hengjian Wang

Joe Marcy, head of the Department of Food Science and Technology; Hengjian Wang; and Alan Grant, dean




Hengjian Wang, laboratory specialist for the Department of Food Science andTechnology, was the college’s Employee of the Month for May. He was recognized for his proficiency in the Meat Lab. He teaches the meat science course to around 30 students every fall, and his nominator said, “He puts more thought into every class and lab setup than anyone I’ve ever met. Dr. Wang is responsible for performing chemical analyses for Dr. Sean O’Keefe and training staff and students to use the equipment in Lab 106. In addition to his caring demeanor and his commitment to excellence in instruction and research, Hengjian is also the ‘Bob Vila’ of the department. If it’s broken, he can fix it or rig it so that it’ll get you through the day. If he can’t fix it, definitely throw it out! While all these things would be more than enough to keep a person busy from 8 to 5, Dr. Wang is always available to help move, mop, or clean up things. If you need help with a project (no matter what is involved), he volunteers; if you need him to taste the same food every day for a month, he is often the first one to show up for the sensory. And he does all of this with a great sense of humor and with an attention to detail that is truly admirable.”

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