Hokies take Ireland

The Dairy Club visited Ireland to learn how agriculture works across the pond.

Not all learning takes place in classrooms. Many CALS students have the opportunity to travel internationally to experience the culture and diversity of agriculture in various countries around the globe.

In January the Dairy Club of Virginia Tech headed across the Atlantic to explore Ireland’s dairy and agriculture industries. Twenty-eight students and two advisors toured farms and explored several Irish cities during their nine-day trip.

“Experiencing Irish agriculture firsthand helped me understand our food system on another level,” said Elizabeth Galbreath, who recently graduated with a degree in agricultural sciences. “It was yet another thing Virginia Tech has taught me that will stick with me forever, and it reminded me that there’s no one ‘right’ way to do things. We need to support every type of agriculture in order to provide for a safe, nutritious global food supply.”

The trip would not have been possible without the support of agribusinesses and other organizations, as well as the fundraising efforts of the students. Dairy Club members sell milkshakes at Virginia Tech football and basketball games to help offset some of their travel costs.