Horizons a smile wide

Tara WilkensMeet Tara Wilkens, a junior majoring in environmental science, whose recent study abroad experience in Ecuador expanded her horizons.

What do broader horizons mean for our students? Wilkens’ smile says it all.

Helping to create that smile is an estate gift from Mary Ann Johnson. In memory of her husband, agricultural engineering alumnus John H. Johnson, ’40, Mary Ann included a gift for his college in her will. She directed the college to decide its best use.

After she passed away, Mary Ann Johnson’s substantial gift was placed in the Dean’s Fund for Excellence where it helps support many of the college’s most critical and often underfunded priorities, such as study abroad.

Explore the many ways that you too can create a gift that will help provide an amazing Virginia Tech experience. Contact Vernon Meacham for more information at 540-231-3071.