Virginia Ag Pest and Crop Advisory gets a face-lift

Virginia Ag Pest AdvisoryThe Virginia Ag Pest and Crop Advisory system has been delivering time-sensitive crop and pest updates to Virginia farmers and agriculture industry representatives for more than 15 years.

To continue to meet these needs and to provide the most up-to-date information about the pest advisory system, a blog has been created where the information can be found.

The new and improved Virginia Ag Pest and Crop Advisory blog will offer the same features as the old system — weekly email alerts, for example — but it will also allow users to subscribe to an RSS feed. Information will still be tagged by topics, commodities, and author, which will allow users to quickly find previously posted information.

The new system will be much easier for authors to use as well. It will be simpler for them to post information, and it will allow for more photos and other media, such as videos. Each advisory will also have a unique website URL to make bookmarking and sharing easier.

Farmers starting their work week often rely on the information the advisory provides, including in-season, real-time pest alerts; pest survey results; the status of emerging and migrating pests; pesticide resistance issues; notifications of pesticide labeling changes; and reminders of economic thresholds, sampling procedures, and best management recommendations.

Anyone who wants to receive the Virginia Ag Pest and Crop Advisory can visit the blog to subscribe to the weekly email or RSS feed. Comments or suggestions about the new system can be sent to Ames Herbert or call 757-657-6450.