Middleburg AREC provides novel equine research opportunities

Robert Jacobs, a graduate student in equine reproduction

Students at the MARE Center such as Robert Jacobs, a graduate student in equine reproduction from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, get hands-on training at the large-scale equine research facility.

The Equine Studies Program allows students to contribute to all aspects of a large-scale research facility, outreach center, and commercial equine enterprise while simultaneously engaging in a full semester of coursework that includes practical, hands-on training.

Robert Jacobs, a Ph.D. student in animal and poultry sciences from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, spent part of his academic career at the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center. His research focused on equine reproduction and physiological interactions that occur during pregnancy between a mare and her unborn foal.

“The center gives me the opportunity to mentor undergraduate interns and help the faculty, staff, and undergraduate students with research trials or other activities,” said Jacobs.