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Off-Farm Grain Stocks and Capacity in Virginia

Peter Caffarelli, Graduate Research Assistant; Dr. Gustavo Ferreira, Assistant Professor; Dr. Gordon Groover, Associate Professor; Dr. Kathryn Boys, Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Contributing over $635 million in cash receipts, grain and soybeans are an important part of agriculture in Virginia.[1] Within the grain sector, grain storage (both on- and off-farm) has useful functions in the grain supply chain from farm to final consumer. For instance, at the farm level, it gives grain producers increased flexibility in determining where and when their crop is sold and contributes to faster harvest times.[2] On the commercial side, elevators and processors expand the market opportunities for grain and facilitate its transportation.[3] The purpose of this article is to examine the aggregate levels of grain stocks and capacity of Virginia’s off-farm grain facilities. The presented research offers a glimpse into the availability of grain and capacity at the state-level. Continue reading

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