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So you want to establish a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partnership in Virginia?

Kimberly L. Morgan (klmorgan@vt.edu), Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

csa-1As reported in the USDA’s 2007 Census of Agriculture, a total of 12,549 U.S. farms indicated they had marketing products through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) arrangements, of which 334 were located in Virginia.  As of today, there are 176 Virginian CSA farm listings on the Local Harvest (www.localharvest.org ) portal, and another 42 listed on the Eat Well Guide (www.eatwellguide.org) site.  As one of many forms of direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities available to Virginia’s producers, the CSA model allows growers and buyers to share in the management of risks inherent to agricultural production. In general, CSA contracts are developed by the grower that outline the product varieties, volumes and formats s/he intends to plant and process, expected availability, pickup days and Continue reading

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