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Virginia Market Maker, Part III: Virginia Market Maker Offers Added Value to Registered Farms and Agribusinesses!

Dr. Kimberly L. Morgan (klmorgan@vt.edu), Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

MarketMaker, a web-based portal that serves as a virtual marketplace for producers, distributors, and sellers, and buyers of agricultural products, seeks to provide farm-to-fork access to participants in the food supply chain.

Currently, alternative online lists and portals are offered that contribute to connecting people and businesses involved in the production, distribution, storage and sales of local food, and resources produced by Virginia farms and agribusinesses. This purpose of this article is to highlight the unique characteristics of MarketMaker that offer added value to registered businesses and consumers who seek to use the portal as a marketing strategy to improve overall profitability of their operation. Continue reading

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AAEC Welcomes Olga Isengildina-Massa

Olga Isengildina started work in the AAEC Department in August 2015 as an Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics. She comes to Virginia Tech from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to her position in Texas she held both an Assistant and Associate Professor positions at Clemson University (2006 to 2013). She completed her Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics in 2000 with a minor in Finance and received a M.S. in Agricultural Economics in 1996, both from Mississippi State University. She completed a B.A. in English Philology from Tashkent State University in 1993. Since completing her Ph.D., she has conducted research and taught courses in Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, and Georgia. Continue reading

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Selling Directly to Buyers: How to Price Your Products

Dr. Theresa Nartea (tnartea@vsu.edu), Assistant Professor-Marketing & Agribusiness, Virginia State

Dr. Kimberly L. Morgan (klmorgan@vt.edu), Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Did you know farmers who sell unprocessed foods to retail outlets typically receive just 11.6 cents of each dollar that the buyer pays for the item? The remaining amount is allocated to industry groups such as food processors, packaging and transportation, retail trade, food services, energy, finance and insurance and legal services (Fig. 1). These industry groups are important participants in the food supply chain, and allow individual farmers and consumers to focus efficient use of their time and resources on their careers. Continue reading

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A Snapshot of Virginia Grains and Oilseeds, Census of Agriculture 2012

Jim Pease, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

The 2012 Census of Agriculture shows a strong economic sector with a big “footprint” on Virginia farmland. In terms of harvested acres, the Census indicates that the 4 principal grains and oilseeds harvested are soybeans (578,852 acres), corn grain (338,132 acres), wheat (241,979 acres), and barley (37,023 acres). Harvested acres increased over 2007 for soybeans (+18%), wheat (+21%), and barley (+33%), but fell for corn (-14%), reflecting lower corn price expectations. Continue reading

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The Kohl Centre at Virginia Tech: Beyond-the-Classroom Learning Opportunities in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department.

Kimberly L. Morgan, Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

KohlThe Kohl Centre Foundation serves a dual mission to: 1), provide business, financial, marketing and management advice, using the resources of VT faculty and students, in the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Dave Kohl; and 2), facilitate action-oriented, immersive professional development project opportunities for Kohl Centre teams in response to identified clientele needs in agribusiness and other sectors of the economy. Our primary goal is to develop and implement a branded beyond-the-classroom program that provides undergraduate student experiences in applying the concepts of firm-level strategic decision-making based on economic analyses. Continue reading

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So you want to establish a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) partnership in Virginia?

Kimberly L. Morgan (klmorgan@vt.edu), Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

csa-1As reported in the USDA’s 2007 Census of Agriculture, a total of 12,549 U.S. farms indicated they had marketing products through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) arrangements, of which 334 were located in Virginia.  As of today, there are 176 Virginian CSA farm listings on the Local Harvest (www.localharvest.org ) portal, and another 42 listed on the Eat Well Guide (www.eatwellguide.org) site.  As one of many forms of direct-to-consumer marketing opportunities available to Virginia’s producers, the CSA model allows growers and buyers to share in the management of risks inherent to agricultural production. In general, CSA contracts are developed by the grower that outline the product varieties, volumes and formats s/he intends to plant and process, expected availability, pickup days and Continue reading

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