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Geomarketing Opportunities for Virginia Wineries

Joao Ferreira (jp@mawamsolutions.com), Consultant, Mid-Atlantic Wine and Agribusiness Marketing Solutions. Gustavo Ferreira (gferre3@vt.edu), Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Because Virginia wineries sell more than the 65% of their wines at their tasting rooms, it is imperative that they attract more visitors to their premises. In this sense, the development of a geomarketing strategy could help Virginia wineries increase their wine sales, save costs, and build brand awareness. Geomarketing can be defined as a business tool in which geographical information is used to analyze market and customer information, determine investment strategies, implement tactics, and follow-up activities executed. Furthermore, given the surge of agritourism, Virginia wineries should seek to use geomarketing to build strategic alliances with other tourism-based businesses. Continue reading

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