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Managing Debt in Lean Years

Peter Callan, Extension Agent, Farm Business Management, Northern District

As a former dairyman and agricultural lender, I have sat on both sides of the table when a producer is faced with low milk prices and/or drought conditions. This has been the story during the spring and summer of 2016 with depressed milk and grain prices.  Many producers have been unable to pay their farm’s operating expenses and loan payments on a timely basis. Speaking from experience, this should not deter producers from communicating with their lenders.  Agricultural lenders understand that agriculture is a cyclical business. They realize that current milk and grain prices are below the breakeven costs for many producers. It is during these times that communication between lender and producer is most critical.

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Farm Financial Risk Management Publications for Beginning Farmers are now Available

There are many factors to consider before you start a new farm enterprise. Financial management is an important component in the start-up and decision-making process for beginning farmers. The purpose of this resource is to introduce you to the farm financial system and risk management for beginning farmers.  The topics covered in this resource are not all-inclusive, but after reading these papers, you should be prepared to move forward in planning for your farm.

Authors: Kim Morgan, Assistant Professor, Ag and Applied Economics, VA Tech;
Peter Callan, Extension Agent, Farm Business Management, Culpeper County;
Allyssa Mark, Graduate Research Assistant, Ag and Applied Economics, VA Tech;
Kim Niewolny, Associate Professor; Ag, Leadership, and Community Education, VA Tech;
Theresa Nartea, Assistant Professor, Virginia State University;
Kelli Scott, Extension Agent, Montgomery County;
Jim Hilleary, Extension Agent, Loudoun County

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Time to Order your Farm Record Book

Gordon Groover, Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Time to order your farm record book. As we enter the last quarter of 2015, it is time to order a new copy of the Virginia Cooperative Extension “Farm Record Book: Expenses and Receipts” (Publication 446-017). This 120-page record book provides an organized way of keeping track of annual financial, labor and personnel, and production-related records.   It provides forms for many categories of expenses, receipts, labor, and financial summaries to meet the needs of most agriculturally-related businesses using cash accounting methods.   Column headings are included for major items with some columns remaining blank for your own headings.  Forms are arranged to facilitate transferring totals to income tax forms (Schedule F, tax deprecation, and Form 4797) and to help complete end-of-the-year analysis. Virginia Cooperative Extension “Farm Record Book: Expenses and Receipts” is available from Virginia Cooperative Extension for $12.00. Call or visit your local extension office to order VCE Publication 446-017. If you want to order 446-017 online (there is an $8.00 shipping charge) visit https://pubs.ext.vt.edu/446/446-017/446-017.html for instructions. If you have questions contact me at (540) 231-5850.

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AAEC Welcomes Travis Mountain as a new Extension Specialist

Travis Mountain started work as an Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor of Financial and Economic Well-being in the AAEC Department in August 2015. He comes to Virginia Tech after completing his Ph.D. in Family Resource Management from The Ohio State University. He completed a M.S. in Consumer Behavior and Family Economics in 2008 and a B.S. degree in Consumer Science with a concentration in Personal Finance in 2004, both degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Continue reading

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The Management Calendar

Gordon Groover, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Department of
Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Listed below are the items that should be considered for inclusion on the farm business managers’ calendar for spring and summer of 2015:

  • Half the business year will soon be behind us and a six-month financial record check-up is in order.  Updating your records through the month of June allows you to quickly gauge financial progress by comparing the farm’s actual expenses and income to your budgeted amounts.  If you did not develop a budget, compare your mid-year expenses and income to half the items reported on your 2014 Schedule F.  Flag any items that are different from budgeted amounts.  These differences are not necessarily problems, just items that need to be examined and explained.

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Tax and Financial Management in Profitable Years

Peter Callan, Extension Agent, Farm Business Management, Northern District

 In the first six months of 2014, the prices for feeder and fat cattle and milk have reached record levels. These high prices in conjunction with declining grain prices will likely result in many producers generating significant tax liabilities for 2014. The management and reinvestment of profits generated during times of high prices can impact the long term viability of the business.   Based analysis of the farm’s financial situation, consider paying down short and long term debt as a possible place to spend profits. After addressing the farm’s debt load, plan on accumulating cash reserve equivalent to a minimum of three months’ operating expenses. The next question is where should the profits be spent (e.g., Machinery, retirement accounts, etc.). Continue reading

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