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No Farmer is an Island

Peter Callan, Extension Agent, Farm Business Management, Northern District

In late May I had the opportunity to travel with a friend to visit the farm and ranch that she grew up on which is located 150 miles southeast of Calgary, Alberta. This is an area that has dry land farming and ranching where the stocking density is four cows per quarter section (160 acres). Within the last two months two disasters struck a fourth generation rancher/farmer and his family. Continue reading

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Transferring Management Responsibilities to “Next” Generation

By Peter Callan (peter.callan@vt.edu), Extension Agent, Farm Business Management, Northern District

The decision to transfer the management of a family farm should be the culmination of many years of discussion between the older and younger generations. Does the family talk about the future of the farm? If a child expresses interest in operating and owning the farm; is the child’s enthusiasm nurtured as they grow-up on the farm? Continue reading

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