Rose Jeter Accepts a New Challenge

Gordon E. Groover, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

In August 2015, Rose Jeter will take a new position as Agriculture Marketing Coordinator with Riverside Research. Riverside Research is a non-profit company that owns the National Food MarketMaker portal which Virginia just recently joined as the 21st member state. In her new position she will be responsible for providing leadership in developing marketing, education, and research related programs and project that increases value to its members. Since Virginia is one of those members we will continue to benefit from her excellent work and leadership, we’ll just have to share her skills with 20 other states.

Rose began work in the second half of 2012 as the Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAEC) Department’s communication manager. In the short time Rose has worked in the AAEC Department, she has provided leadership in development of our web presence and social media outlets. Many of these outlets needed someone to take responsibility for and lead the faculty to adopt. Under her leadership we have a website that the meets VA Tech expectation, this AAEC Extension Blog, Facebook ( , Twitter (, and Linkedin ( that are used by faculty and staff to let the rest-of-the-world know what AAEC is doing.

Her skills are multifaceted, and in her time with AAEC she taught AAEC Internship to all of our undergraduates. Rose helped design the curriculum, led the evaluation component, and supported the inaugural Kohl Centre class, ensuring that students and faculty project leaders completed high-quality projects, reports, publications, and posters and, she promoted project results via her development of the Kohl Centre website to interested stakeholders. In addition, she helped mentor students in the fine art of PowerPoint and how to make presentations to large audiences. Faculty and students all benefited from her ability to organize and get the details correct so that the Kohl Centre ran without a hitch. The same skills applied to the Kohl Centre benefited all AAEC faculty. If we had a meeting to conduct, Rose organized a list of groups and individuals to be invited, and determined how the session should be organized to insure that the meeting would be successful. She was the behind-the-scenes leader that insured that our first two Agricultural and Applied Economics Advisory Board Meetings were successful and participants were engaged, understood our missions and wanted to support our future success.

Rose a native of Virginia, a VA Tech alumna, a former extension agent and Asgrow Dekalb Territory Sales Manager in Virginia, a combination of education and experience that provided her with detailed knowledge of Virginia’s agricultural industry and its leaders. This knowledge helped AAEC stay connected with the agricultural industry and rural communities across the Commonwealth.

AAEC and it faculty are better off from the 3 years of her service to the Department. Good luck on the new position and thanks for the help.

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