Using Market Maker to Connect Virginia Meat Producers and Processors

Santerra Boyd, Garret Chambers, Matthew Harris, and Montgomery McCarthy, all Virginia Kohl Centre students; Dr. Gordon Groover, Kohl Centre Facilitator, Associate Professor and Extension Program Leader, Virginia Tech; Dr. Kimberly Morgan, Kohl Junior Facility Fellow, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Market Maker allows for harvest facilities to more effectively advertise their businesses and for producers to find harvesting facilities that best fit their needs. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide information about MarketMaker to Extension agents, VDACS employees, harvest and packing facilities, and animal producers. Visit this site to learn more about MarketMaker After addressing the need for improved avenues of communication between harvest facilities and animal producers, an educational video tutorial was developed by the authors to demonstrate the steps a manager can take to register their meat processing facility on the Market Maker database

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