New Publication from AAEC faculty: Market Test: Farm-Grown Freshwater Prawns Respondents New To Product Would Buy.

The publication authored by Dan Kauffman, Seafood Business Specialist, and Martha Walker, Community Viability Specialist, Virginia Tech was published in the July/August 2014 Global Aquaculture Advocate and can be found at

A small test market at a high-end grocery store near Washington, D.C., USA, showed that farm-grown freshwater prawns would sell to high-income consumers who had not previously tried the product. About 83% of first-time buyers said the shrimp, presented less than 24 hours after harvest, tasted good or very good. About 62% of first-time buyers said they would buy again next year. Although both head-on and deheaded shrimp were offered, most customers were reluctant to try the head-on samples.

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