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2012 Census Highlights

Farm Demographics: U.S. farmers by gender, age, race, ethnicity, and more

Farm Economics: Record high agriculture sales; income and expenses both up

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Virginia 2012 Census of Agriculture Notes

Jim Pease, Extension Economist, Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

  • Total market value of sales rose $847m from 2007 (+29%), the highest ever recorded in a Virginia ag census. Crop sales increased $501.8m (+58.5%) over 2007, and livestock sales increased $345.3m over 2007 (+16.9%). Despite the increase in crop sales, Virginia 2007 farm livestock, poultry and animal product sales were still nearly 64% of total sales.
  • Total farm expenses rose $783m from 2007 (+29%), keeping pace with the increase in farm sales since 2007. Among major expense categories, livestock and poultry purchased/leased increased 31%, feed purchased increased 47%, fertilizers increased 24%, and hired labor increased 21%. Continue reading
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