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The Management Calendar

By Gordon Groover Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Farm business managers should consider putting the following activities on their management calendar for December and January.

  • Before the end of the year (calendar tax year filers), follow up on end-of-year tax management strategies recommended by your tax advisor.  Additional information can be found in IRS publication 225 Farmer’s Tax Guide at  Hard copies of Farmer’s Tax Guide can be obtained from many of your public libraries.  Continue reading
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The Acceptance and Adoption of Wine Bottle Closures in the U.S.

By Gustavo Ferreira, Assistant Professor Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech and Joao Ferreira, Consultant, Mid-Atlantic Wine and Agribusiness Marketing Solutions.


Marketing research has shown that wine purchases are influenced by a series of wine attributes such as price, quality, region, varietal, etc. Other factors such as bottles used, label design, or closures have been also found to be influential. Surprisingly, alternative wine closures were introduced in the wine industry fairly recently comparatively to natural cork closures, which can be traced back to the sixth century BC (Joncheray 1976). The main reason behind the development of alternative closures has been the susceptibility for wine to spoil due to cork taint. More specifically, the 2, 4, 6-trichloroanisole (TCA) is a chemical produced by a mold that can infect natural cork and result in a musty, moldy aroma at very low doses (Goode, 2005). For wineries, cork taint will likely result in lost revenue and brand-name Continue reading

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Virginia Tech Income Tax School

By L. Leon Geyer, Professor, Agricultural Law, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

 This fall we offer two different seminars:  1) RTRP Exam Preparation Seminar and 2) General Income Tax Seminar.

1.  RTRP Exam Preparation Seminar

Three 1-day seminars offered as live instruction while space is available. RTRP Exam Prep are scheduled for three locations and held in September 2012 (Table1). These RTRP Exam Preparation Seminars are designed for those who wish to prepare tax returns for others, and must receive RTRP certification from the IRS for 2013. The course will provide practitioners with a comprehensive test-prep workbook, a bank of 1400 test questions, and unlimited practice exams for any who register, even those who do not register in time for live instruction. The course will provide online-testing tips, test strategies for the RTRP exam, and information about CE requirements for RTRP’s. Continue reading

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2014 VA Forage and Grassland Council’s Winter Forage Conferences

The Role of Healthy Soil in Profitable Ruminant Livestock Production is the Focus for the 2014 Winter Forage Conferences

Gordon Groover, Extension Specialists, Ag and Applied Economics, VA Tech

Soil Health: The Foundation of Profitable Ruminant Livestock Production is the theme for the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council (VFGC) and Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) winter forage conferences.  We take for granted the ground under our feet and call it dirt. We should realize that quality of life is dependent on the health and quality of our soils. Farmers understand the management principles necessary to produce healthy forages, ruminants, and profits, yet many are unaware of what additional benefits are gained from managing to improve the health of their soils. This year’s program will provide training in soil health and participants will gain greater knowledge of the soil’s potential, the foundation of all agriculture.  Continue reading

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