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Hard Cider? – Assessing the Economic Feasibility of Growing Specialized Apple Cultivars for Sale to Commercial Hard Cider Producers, authored by  Jarrad Farris, Research Assistant, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Greg Peck, Assistant Professor, Horticulture, Alson H. Smith Jr. AREC  and Gordon Groover, Extension Economist, Agricultural and Applied Economics, all of Virginia Tech. This publication describes a set of associated budget spreadsheets that utilize a systematic means to assess the feasibility of growing specialty apple cultivars for sale to commercial hard cider producers. This publication supports two spreadsheet decision aids for growers to individualize for their own situation. This publication and spreadsheets can be found at

Farmland Rental Rate – Guidance on the current land rental/lease rates for farmland in Virginia is one of the most frequent calls many agents and specialists receive over the years. Annually USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) released cash rental rates for irrigated and non-irrigated cropland and pastureland for Virginia counties and cities. The report titled 2013 NASS Cropland and Pastureland Rental Rates authored by Gordon Groover and Lex Bruce can be found at:

 Want to Produce Oysters? – Virginia oyster aquaculturists are rapidly expanding the market for single or half-shell/raw bar oysters.  Last year about $9.5 million single oyster were sold and 67 million oysters were planted for future harvest. Virginia farm gate value in 2012 for oysters at clams was about $36 million compared to $59 million of tomato production. Shellfish value on the Eastern Shore exceeded the value of corn and soybeans.  To explore the numbers side of the relatively new half-shell industry  take a look the enterprise budgets available on the Virginia Cooperative Website authored by Karen Hudson, Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Extension Specialist, Virginia Sea Grant Marine Extension Program, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Dan Kauffman, Extension Specialist, Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Virginia Tech, Thomas J. Murray, Director, Virginia Sea Grant Marine Extension Program, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and Alexander Solomon, Independent Economic Consultant.


Eating Prawns/Shrimp? –  Interested in eating, then take a look at:

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