Department: Biological Systems Engineering

Erin Ling

Erin LingSenior Extension associate and program coordinator
Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Expert in private water supply (wells and springs) water quality and system management


  • Well and spring water
  • Water quality
  • Water education and science communication
  • Virginia Household Water Quality Program
  • Virginia Well Owner Network
  • Community-based social marketing
  • Facilitation  

W. Cully Hession

Cully HessionProfessor
Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Expert in watershed protection, management, and monitoring; small stream structure and sediment dynamics; influence of human activities on streams; techniques for measuring and improving in-stream habitat; and development of technologies and strategies for successful stream restoration


  • Watershed monitoring and management
  • Ecological engineering
  • Stream restoration
  • Urban stormwater management
  • Aquatic habitat
  • Climate change