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Managing spam comments on your blog

Blogs are handy. They allow us to easily make information available to a wide variety of audiences. They also allow readers to post comments, providing a way for authors and readers to interact that isn’t possible on traditional websites. But with this useful feature comes an annoyance: spam comments.

Our blogging software, WordPress, uses a comment monitoring system called Akismet to help monitor comments made on our blogs. While this software filters out a vast percentage of spam, it isn’t perfect. As a result, we also have a system set up on most blogs to further manually moderate comments from unknown commenters.

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It’s alive! Socialize-ing communications in real time

Dilou Prospere

Photo from SANREM CRSP Facebook page: Assistant In-country Coordinator Dilou Prospere outside the Caritas offices in Hinche before presenting the conservation agriculture workshop at Maissade.

As communications professionals, the use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter not only provide us additional tools to tell the stories about the impact of Virginia Tech-led research, but they also give us the capability to tell those stories with an immediacy that is heretofore unprecedented.

Why is this important? Immediacy is significant because social media channels often allow impromptu, up-to-the-minute, and candid opportunities that show our collaborators and faculty in ways that are translatable to the general public in a manner that might not be appropriate in a more formal press release.

Especially for research initiatives funded in far-flung parts of the world, the immediacy of reporting on-location in real time using social media is an excellent way to connect with audience members in the Virginia Tech community and across globe. Continue reading

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