Infographics (Dos and Don’ts)

Example of a stacked bar chartInfographics are visual representations of information, or “data visualization.”

The term implies that sets of data will be displayed in a unique way that can be seen, rather than read. This visualization should not be left up to interpretation, it should instead be designed in a way that provides a universal conclusion for all viewers. In the simplest terms, infographics are not much different than the charts and graphs that programs like Excel can create.*

Designing and creating an infographic and using it as a tool for content marketing is much more complicated than simply making graphics or charts. The designer and infographic creator must know how to effectively convey the meaning and context of a particular set of information in graphical form that online readers can understand and appreciate.

The here are some very important Dos and Don’ts that digital marketers should know and understand when creating and using infographics for content marketing.**

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