Considerations when purchasing a display

Portable displays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, and they can be customized to provide the maximum impact for their audience and purpose. The variety of hardware and options available from local and online vendors can make purchasing a display overwhelming. Following are some questions to consider before beginning your search for the right display.

  • Who will use the display? Will one person have to move it and set it up without assistance? Is weight a concern? Displays can be as small as a handled briefcase with interchangeable panels or as large as an 8- by 10-foot pop-up. Some larger floor displays can be put up and taken down by one person but are heavy when in their cases.
  • How will the display be used? Look back at the venues where you have used displays and consider the space available (tabletop or floor, narrow hallways, meeting room or exhibit hall, etc.). Are you primarily setting up on tables? If so, is the table space limited by materials, such as promotional items and brochures? A narrow retractable banner — where the banner retracts into the hardware — works well as a backdrop for a speaker or in conjunction with a branded tablecloth. Other size considerations include available storage space and whether the display will fit into the vehicle transporting it.

  • Will you need to change the information on the display? If so, how often? Most display panels attach separately and can be changed without altering the existing hardware, but some retractable displays may have to be returned to the vendor for changes. Some displays use fabric-covered panels that allow for the pictures and information to be easily changed and rearranged.
  • What should you consider about prices? When you compare displays and vendors, you will discover that similar-looking displays can vary widely in price. The old adage applies: You get what you pay for. Consider how long you plan to use the display and whether you will need to change it.
  • Should you purchase a warranty? The potential for long-term use makes a warranty very important. The more-expensive displays offer a lifetime warranty that will save money in the long run. Most of the VCE displays have lifetime warranties that cover parts and repairs, and some of them are more than 10 years old.

After considering these questions, you will be better prepared to choose a display that suits your needs.

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