Are you ’In?: Using LinkedIn for networking

Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the fastest social media networks? Thanks to the economic recession, LinkedIn gained in popularity as unemployment climbed, and it became a way to easily search for jobs and be seen by prospective employers.

Students graduating from college are now encouraged to have an online presence, and LinkedIn is where the students turn when creating a resume or CV for their first job hunt.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has a LinkedIn group. It is a closed group, meaning members have to be approved before they can see all group activity so the moderators can make sure requestors have a Virginia Tech affiliation.

The groups are set up like a discussion forum. Participants can ask questions, create posts, and share information. One of the newest features is that members can post jobs and requests for employment. This makes the group a powerful place where students and alumni can connect and network. The communications office selects relevant news stories and posts them on the board to keep information fresh, even when discussions have been quiet.

Please join us on LinkedIn and find a new way to connect with students, alumni, and your fellow Virginia Tech employees!


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