Photograph guidelines for submitting photos for publications

In order to produce quality printed and online materials, the actual photo quality is very important when selecting which photos to use. Use the following guidelines when submitting your photos for publication:

  • Photos should be high resolution. 300 dpi (dots-per-inch) or higher. When taking photos, make sure that your camera is set to take large format photos.
  • Do not resample (change the dpi settings) of your photos. This can result in much poorer quality than leaving it lower resolution.
  • Please do not submit images/jpegs in a word document.
  • Please submit jpegs either as a zipped file or individually.
  • Please do not copy images from websites for print.
    Images copied from websites are low resolution unless the website offers high-resolution images. If you zoom up to the image once you have copied the image, you will see it break apart and become blurry. This means that the image is low resolution and not good for print. Web versions of images and print versions are very different.
  • NOTE ON COPYRIGHTS : Copyright laws apply to web images. Please be aware of copyright laws to any image you use from the web. Please do not use or submit an image without receiving permission from the owner.

The easiest way to determine if a file is high enough resolution is to look at the size of the file based on the size of the image.

If you are submitting an image that is larger than 2×3 inches and it is less than 1 megabyte, the resolution is too low and the image will print blurry.


  • 2×3 inches, approx. 1 MB
  • 5×7 inches, approx. 5-8 MB
  • 9×14 inches, approx. >24 MB
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