Communicating Purposefully

Communication is a critical function in all of our lives. By communicating purposefully and focusing on results and relationships, effective communication strategies generate solid results with multiple audiences.

This blog will cover a multitude of topics to encourage an environment of open communication that is results-driven and strategically focused. From writing effective emails to learning how to clearly explain the benefits or results of a program or service, from learning how to listen and receive instructions to dealing with day-to-day problem-solving, good communication cuts down on misunderstandings, increases productivity, reduces confusion, and helps deliver a better end result.  Many rules of communication are unstated and assumed; unless everyone knows what is expected, misperceptions and frustrations can flourish.

Successful communicators know that messages need to be delivered multiple times in multiple ways to have the most impact. Audience preferences differ; different messages require different methods, and in our busy daily work, messages can get lost. Using multiple channels to communicate with various audiences will increase the odds that messages are received and understood.

Consistent alignment with strategic goals is critical. Carefully planned communication takes into consideration both the order and the timing of messages.

Our goals are to increase the probability that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, to teach best practices for effective communication, and to listen to our audience — you.

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