Article: Global Nomads: A Resource Hidden in Plain Sight

by Maggie Appel-Schumacher

From About Campus:

ANY COLLEGE ADMISSION BROCHURES picture a group of students in front of a spectacular view in a foreign country, captioned “College State University committed to service globally.” The inside features students of different races and ethnicities laughing and learning at freshman orientation or displaying their school spirit at the first college football game. Keywords in the brochure pop out at thereader: multicultural, beyond borders, commitment todiversity. This all-too-familiar admissions marketing tool sheds light on the global inclusive learning environment that universities support and their values regarding cross-cultural competencies and globalization. And while many institutions encourage students to gain intercultural experiences through study abroad and other international travel opportunities, there is a campus resource that can bring internationalization home. Known as global nomads, American students who have extensive international experience are often overlooked on campus and yet they are a unique element of the student population that, when tapped, can support institutional missions to include an international perspective in higher education.

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