Virginia-Israel Agrotech Hub Expands Reach at Agritech Israel 2015

Exert from the Virginia-Israel Opportunity Brief (May 20):

Agrotech Leaders from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, participated in Agrotech Israel 2015 as part of the expanding agro activities between Virginia and Israel.  They had meetings with executives from many companies including Sabra, the largest manufacturer of hummus in the United States which is headquartered in Chesterfield Virginia.

Dr. Jerzy Nowak, a member of the Virginia Tech Delegation, commented: “In over 30 years of visiting countries around the globe I have never seen such dedication to innovation and such a robust support system from the Ministry of Agriculture. The integrated focus on agro-technology is incredibly impressive.”

According to Ralph Robbins, the Executive Director of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, who organized the trip, “the first hand interaction with several companies we have been working with, will definitely accelerate projects being considered for Virginia.”

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