BHEARD candidates from Rwanda

We are pleased to invite you to review the attached candidates from Rwanda as part of the BHEARD Scholarship Program.  All of these are currently employed at research institutions in Rwanda, and are seeking admission to doctoral programs in the U.S. starting in Fall 2015.

A list of candidates can be found in the Proposal Guidelines (Annex A) on Google Drive at; zip files can be opened using password 20fifteen_Schol@rs. All candidates are being registered to take the TOEFL and GRE exams, and we expect scores for these exams to be available mid- to late-April; note that several candidates already have IELTS scores. Please remember that USAID requires full, regular, admission for these students. No funding is available for English training in the U.S.

The deadline for receipt of Rwanda submissions (including budget template and narrative) is April 10, 2015. This is the final country participating in BHEARD this year whose candidates need to be reviewed by U.S. universities.

Other reminders:

  1. University proposals for students from Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi and Liberia will be reviewed by the USAID technical review team over the next couple weeks; we hope to have university placement decisions from the missions by mid-April
  2. The deadline for Kenya submissions is April 7, 2015
  3. As a reminder, Liberian candidates will not have GRE scores, though we hope to have their TOEFL scores available by Friday, March 27
  4. Rwandan candidates are being registered for the TOEFL in late March and the GRE in early April. Despite the current lack of exam scores, due to time constraints we are asking for completed budget templates and budget narratives from universities hoping to host these candidates
  5. Instructions for opening all countries’ zip files, as well as each country’s proposal guidelines, submission forms, etc. can be found on Google Drive
  6. The password for opening zip files on Google Drive is “20fifteen_Schol@rs
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