Opportunities for Training Liberian Doctoral Students (BHEARD)

As of today, our BHEARD applicants from Liberia are facing significant challenges in obtaining TOEFL or GRE test scores.

  • TOEFL:  Candidates took the TOEFL test in Liberia on January 10, 2015.  Because it is a paper-based test, the scores will not appear on the TOEFL web site for us to retrieve.  Paper scores were mailed to each student in Liberia on February 11, 2015.  We have no guarantee when the candidates will receive these scores, though TOEFL estimates 4-6 weeks after sending the scores out.
  • GRE:  NO GRE TEST WAS OFFERED IN LIBERIA THIS YEAR.   This was not due to public health concerns, but rather was a decision on the part of the testing sponsor, which was made long before the Ebola outbreak occurred.  While we normally could have sent the candidates to a neighboring country to take the GRE, this was not possible due to their inability to obtain entry into neighboring countries because of concerns about Ebola.   Thus, our BHEARD candidates from Liberia will not have GRE scores.

Therefore, we invite U.S. universities to examine the files of the BHEARD candidates from Liberia, BHEARDLiberia2015 (annex A).  Since we realize that your universities will not be able to make an admission decision without a TOEFL score, we ask you to use the (abridged) BHEARD EOA Liberia form if you are interested in admitting one or more of the Liberian doctoral students. Do not submit a full proposal and budget at this time.

Please send this submission form to our Coordinator of Student Placement, Kathryn Greenhalgh, at BHEARD@isp.msu.edu by March 6, 2015.  As soon as we receive the TOEFL scores, we will send them to you immediately for further review; if you are still interested in hosting a student we will set a new deadline for Liberian proposals and budgets.

  • If you are still having trouble opening zip files, encryption on all files in the Google Drive was changed at the end of January; you might consider re-downloading the zip files. Instructions for opening these can be found in Google Drive.
  • The link for Google Drive is https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7jIvgW0sasER0pBZjBPS3FrQXc&usp=sharing
  • The password for opening zip files is “20fifteen_Schol@rs”
  • If you’re missing any country’s proposal guidelines, submission forms, etc. these can also be found on Google Drive

Kenyan candidates are currently being scheduled for TOEFL and GRE exams, and we hope to send out the RFP for Kenya within the next couple weeks.

The BHEARD application for Rwandan candidates is still open, but our deadline is February 20, 2015. We hope to have finalists determined by mid-March and send out an RFP soon after.


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