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Michael Fulcher: Traveling

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

One of the best parts of my study abroad experience has been traveling. It could be as simple as going to a nearby city to see a famous landmark, or it could be a whirlwind tour of the countries nearby. Either way, you get the chance to see and experience something new.

One of my favorite experiences this semester was going to Istanbul. It was only an overnight bus trip away, but i got to see an entirely new country, culture, and people.

It’s easier to travel on a student’s budget than you might think. Traveling on local airlines or taking buses keeps transport costs down. There are plenty of youth hostels in most places that have cut rate prices, and if you’re really adventurous you could try out a service like

When my classes end, I will get to a few more countries before I come home.

How many times will you have that opportunity in your life?

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Service Learning Course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Summer Session I

We would like to invite Virginia Tech students to join the service-learning course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic planned for the upcoming Summer I Session. The course, LDRS 1016: Exploring Citizen Leadership, is a 3 credit course with a focus on leadership topics. The course involves a service-learning component in which students are given leadership roles during camps we host for local youth. We will also spend significant time in class reflecting on these experiences and tying those experiences to leadership topics covered in the course.

We will have class in Blacksburg beginning May 28th and travel to Punta Cana June 5-15th. While in Punta Cana, we will work closely with Deportes Para La Vida (DPV, a local NGO) and Peace Corps members as we offer a 5-day camp to local youth. The first two days of camp will be lead by DPV staff as they focus on health/sex education within the community. The remaining three days of camps will be lead by VT students and will focus on sports (soccer, volleyball & football).

We have space reserved at the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation and are in hopes a few more students can join us for this course. Please contact me asap should you be interested in more details.

Thank you!

Danny White | Director of Student-Athlete Affairs
Virginia Tech | Department of Athletics
366 Jamerson Athletic Center (0502) | Blacksburg, VA | 24061
O: (540) 231-1252 | C: (540) 641-3547 | F: (540) 231-3542

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Color War April 28th 11:30am to 3:00pm

Celebrate India’s favorite festival (Holi) right here at VT!
Register Now!

The Color War Collective is a collaboration of three student led organizations and one student at Virginia Tech, Students Helping Honduras, The Society of Indian Americans, and The Indian Student Association. Our objectives are to raise money for children in Honduras, bring the community together through our event, and raise awareness for our organizations.

To learn more, visit:

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Israel June 30 – July 28, 2013

We would like to invite the students of Virginia Tech to take part in the upcoming session of our entrepreneurship and innovation program in Israel from June 30 to July 28, 2013 that is offered as part of the 2013 Summer Courses at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ranked the 53rd best university in the world.

InnovNation’s executive and full-credit study abroad programs spark innovation by exposing participants to the high tech industries and entrepreneurial nature of Israel, a country world renowned as the Start-Up Nation. Through exclusive lectures, meetings, and site visits, this program combines theoretical know-how with the insights and first-hand experience of Israel’s top companies and entrepreneurs.

InnovNation brochure

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Michael Fulcher: Greek Food


Greek salad, Choriatiki. Photographer Zone 41 (wikimedia commons)

No offense to Souvlaki down on Main Street, but they really don’t do justice to Greek food. The Greeks by Taco Bell are pretty authentic, but even what they’ve got doesn’t hold a candle next to what I’ve been eating here. Like most people, I love eating. Naturally I have been doing a lot of it here, and I am also taking a class on the Greek Palate.

Once you get past the greek salads, feta, and gyros, you have the chance to explore a wonderfully diverse food culture. Different parts of Greece have their own unique specialties and takes on popular dishes. In the northernmost part of Greece the food is very Balkan, in the east it is very middle eastern, and in the south you find the typical “mediterranean” type foods. Some of the common threads are: olives, pork, cheese, and eggplant. Pork is king here. One of the first questions I was asked when I got to campus was “You are not a vegetarian, are you?” It would be very hard to live as a vegetarian in Greece. You’re dining options would be limited, and the Greek salad would get old pretty quickly.

Food plays a very important role in Greece. Meals can last over two hours and you almost never just “grab a bite to eat.” There is fast food, but it is not as popular as it is in America. A common way to eat here is to order lots of small dishes, mezes, and share them in a group. This is definitely the best way to sample the flavors since you get to try a little of a lot.

Some of my favorite dishes have been pan fried calamari from a restaurant in the city, and a rabbit and onion stew that was a village’s specialty. I especially love the customary free dessert most places serve. Sometimes it even comes with an after meal drink to help you digest.

Of course, sometimes you just have to have that greasy gyro overflowing with fries and topped with ketchup, mustard, and tzatziki. Luckily, you can find corner shops with great gyros for just a couple euros all over the city.

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International Week April 5-21st


  • International Street Fair Saturday, April 6, 11am-4pm College Avenue
  • VT World Cup Sunday, April 14 at the Soccer/Lacrosse practice fields across from Lane Stadium

For the complete list of events, visit:

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Arab Festival April 8-13th

Arab Fest FLYER

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