Michael Fulcher: Night Life in Greece

MikeNightlifeNightlife in Greek cities is similar to what we do in the States, but there are definitely some noticeable differences.

First of all, the night starts a whole lot later and goes a whole lot longer. A typical night might start with dinner or coffee at 9. Then around 11 you will probably head to the bars or a club. Staying out until the next morning is pretty standard. At first, I thought getting home at 4 a.m. was an accomplishment, but then I’d see my room mate routinely coming in two hours later.

Another big difference from Virginia Tech is the absence of house parties. People here like to go out when they go out. There are lots of bar districts and plenty of clubs to check out. The options are pretty diverse, I’ve been in dive bars, Belgian ale houses, and loud euro dance bars. If you like to dance there is plenty of good house music at the clubs.

There is plenty of other live music if you’d rather catch a rock show, blues, jazz, or -and this is not to be missed in Greece – rebetiko. Rebetiko is the traditional music of Greece and can be heard live in lots of taverns. Going to one of these places is a lot of fun. They are cheap, you get served good food all night, and usually you order lots of wine and spend the whole night talking, eating, and dancing with the people who live here.

If none of that interests you, you can always hang out in a coffee shop. The coffee shop culture is huge. There are whole streets with nothing but cafes. I have only seen one Starbucks in the city, and it is usually deserted. People will sit drinking coffee, smoking, and talking for hours. Many of the cafes double as bars late at night, so they can get pretty packed.

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