Mike Fulcher Student Blog: Comparison of VT and Perrotis (Greece)

Dairy Cows at Perrotis

The school I am attending is a private college accredited by the Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales, so it follows their rules to the letter. This means small things like using the Harvard citation method and also big things like only attending college for three years. However, this school in pretty unique in the way its majors operate. There are only a few options and everyone in the same major takes the same classes at the same time.

The directed learning paths are the result of the school’s size, which is especially tiny when compared to VT. There are only 200 students here – the size of a lot of my classes Freshman year. None of my classes have more than 30 students.

Dairy Farm at Perrotis

The classes have little or no homework and no quizzes, instead they typically rely on a large final exam or term project to determine your grade.

A similarity between VT and Perrotis College is the inclusion of farm land on campus. There is a sizable dairy farm, a large chicken house, vegetable plots, land for field crops, two olive groves, and a lot of greenhouses. Some fun facts: the dairy farm here was the first in all of Greece to pasteurize its milk and it was also the first farm in Greece to offer Omega-3 chicken eggs.

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