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IMPACT Peer Education Team Now Hiring

 IMPACT Peer Education and Prevention Team

Job Description and Responsibilities

The IMPACT (Initiating and Motivating a Positive Alcohol Culture Together) Peer Education and Prevention Team is a part of the Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center (CAAPC). The goal of this group is to create an effective peer network that promotes positive alcohol choices by students and works to change the campus and community environment and culture.

The IMPACT team is committed to:

  • Reducing alcohol-related negative outcomes and creating a healthier and safer social environment free from abusive drinking and its negative side-effects.
  •  Educating fellow students through outreach and prevention programs, classroom presentations, and media campaigns.
  •  Advocating environmental change in the VT and Blacksburg community.

Members of the IMPACT Peer Education Team will:

  • Develop and implement educational programs that address alcohol use and abuse at Virginia Tech. This includes educating VT students about standard drinks, blood alcohol level, tolerance, and high risk drinking.
  •  Assist in the implementation of Party Positive protective strategies.
  •  Plan and assist with alternative social activities on the Virginia Tech campus.
  •  Assist with the marketing of Party Positive as well as maintain a positive social media presence.
  •  Possibly assist with the collection of data on Virginia Tech students using surveys, interviews, focus groups and other methods to provide valuable information to the Virginia Tech campus and Blacksburg community.

Specific Job Requirements:

Requirements for Application for Acceptance:

  • Current Enrollment at Virginia Tech taking no more than 18 credit hours a semester.
  •  GPA of at least 2.25.
  •  An interest in being a member that positively represents the programs goals and mission.
  •  A commitment to the program of 6-8 hours per week.


  • Maintain a professional level regarding demeanor, performance, training, attire, and attitude (basic expectations such as clean, neat attire and an open, friendly attitude are expected).
  •  Attend the mandatory Fall and Spring training (Dates TBA).
  •  Attend mandatory weekly meetings.
  •  Attend training programs as directed by the CAAPC.
  •  Participate in scheduled meetings, office hours, and programs.
  •  Provide a list of hours when you will be available for training sessions, programs, and other pertinent events.
  •  Actively check e-mail as directed by the program coordinator.
  •  Assess personal health behaviors and be aware of how they reflect upon the behaviors that will be advocated for and encouraged through the Peer Education Program.


  • Utilize available resources in order to develop outreach and prevention programs that effectively meet the needs and interests of the VT community.
  •  Plan, implement, and evaluate numerous activities and educational programming during the academic year.
  •  Assist with alcohol-free tailgates and a variety of other alternative activities.
  •  Assist with all aspects of the Party Positive Campaign (t-shirt distribution, media, party positive bar etc.)
  •  Assist with and support the programming efforts of other Peer Educators.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Peer Educators are responsible for educating the campus community about Party Positive, Standard Drinks, Blood Alcohol Level, Tolerance, and High Risk Drinking. Peer Educators are expected to have a thorough understanding of these topics and develop a comfort level presenting these topics in a variety of venues including classrooms, residence halls, Greek life, and informal settings.

NOTE: Teaching is a mandatory part of the IMPACT Peer Educator job.

Party Positive Class

Students are referred to the Party Positive class by the Student Conduct office. This two-hour class will be facilitated by IMPACT Peer Educators who have demonstrated mastery of the curriculum. Peer Educators selected to teach this course are expected to meet weekly for teaching supervision and to commit to teaching the class a minimum of 7 times per semester.


Peer educators will be compensated at the rate of $8.00 per hour.

All hours worked must be recorded using Time Clock in order to receive proper compensation. Peers are responsible for clocking in at the start of each event and clocking out promptly at the end of each event.

To Apply Contact:

Andrea Kirwan

Peer Education Program Coordinator

Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center

135 War Memorial Gym



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Wanted: Student Program Assistant for Hokie Wellness for the 15-16 Academic Year

Hokie Wellness is currently accepting student applications for our Hokie Wellness student program assistant position for the 2015-2016 academic year. It is a paid student position, approximately $9/hour depending upon experience, about 8-12 hours a week, and we are flexible on the student’s start date – this summer or fall.

A job description is located here:

Job Description for Program Assistant _ Feb 2015

and an online application is available.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, March 6, 2015.

Applications will be reviewed on March 9, 2015. Interviews will be held the week of March 23rd.

Any questions, please contact:

Cathy Kropff, MS, CWWS | Director of Hokie Wellness

Virginia Tech

Department of Human Resources

North End Center

300 Turner Street NW, , Suite 2300 (0318)

Blacksburg, VA 24061

540-231-4889 | phone

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