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TechTalksDear CALS Students,

The Collegiate Nanotechnology Society (CNS) has decided to sponsor an undergraduate ideas seminar after being approached by Dr. Michael Hochella about an opportunity to give back to the undergraduate community. Dr. Hochella, a university distinguished professor associated with the Nanoscience curriculum, had been given funds from President Charles Steger to contribute to undergraduate affairs. As a club, we decided that we wanted to host an event that gave undergraduates the opportunity to express innovative ideas. We believe that undergraduates have unique and, what some would consider, extravagant ideas that could contribute to the scientific and engineering community.

We decided to call this event Tech Talks- Innovation and Research. This event will give undergraduates the opportunity to share, and hear, our fellow classmates ideas on innovation and research. We welcome ideas and potential projects from all realms of the Colleges of Science, Agriculture, Engineering, & Natural Resources and Environment; and would like your help to promote our endeavor. We encourage undergraduate students to apply to this program, and can do so by going to through the application link on the side bar. The application also requires a faculty member to vouch for their concept.

Fellow undergraduates will review these abstracts and four students will be chosen to give a 15 min presentation at our event on Saturday, April 12th. The applications are due by Friday, March 7th and the applicants will be told of their acceptance by Friday, March 21st. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to exercise their communication skills by presenting to an educated audience and makes them more competitive in the future through winning recognition regarding their innovative mindset.

Thank you for your help,

Collegiate Nanotechnology Society

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