Student Friends of the Farmer’s Market

Blacksburg Downtown Farmers MarketAre you interested in getting involved with the Blacksburg Farmers Market?

Would you like to log community service hours for a class or organization?

Are you looking for a fun, laid-back, passion-driven résumé-builder?

Would you like experience in the field of marketing and advertising?

Do you want to bulk up on valuable leadership experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on. A group of seniors in HNFE have been working for months to create a marketing plan for their friends at the BFM that targets the Virginia Tech student population, and they are looking for recruits to carry on the movement after they graduate this May.

If you’d like to help form a campus club of marketing agents and work in conjunction with the BFM Marketing Committee to increase student participation in our beautiful community market, please join our public Facebook group called “Student Friends of the Farmers Market.”  They will distribute more information about our initiative and answer your questions through this forum. Just type the group name into your Facebook search box and join!  They look forward to sharing their project with you.

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