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Researcher hopes to create better vaccine against swine disease

X.J. Meng

X.J. Meng, University Distinguished Professor of Molecular Virology

For decades, the swine industry has been battling a virus that affects sows and their young, and a team of researchers at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine is on the front lines.

In 1987, pork producers first noticed a disease that causes reproductive failure in sows and respiratory diseases in piglets. Scientists later identified the cause: an emerging virus now known as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. X.J. Meng, University Distinguished Professor of Molecular Virology, has been working to improve vaccines against the swine disease since the 1990s. Continue reading

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Helping improve profits for Virginia’s livestock producers

Sorghum2PiggyMediumVirginia’s pork production legacy is well-known, but recently, the heavy demand for corn grain across industries, as well as in nonfood-producing endeavors such as ethanol production, has reduced profits for hog producers.

“A lot of the Mid-Atlantic States are grain-deficit, and they have to import grain to feed their livestock,” said Gordon Groover, Extension economist and associate professor of agricultural and applied economics. Continue reading

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