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Household water quality program empowers homeowners

Sharon Beasley

Sharon Beasley of Roanoke County participated in one of Virginia Cooperative Extension’s drinking water clinics held across the state.

household-water-quality-2The average person uses as much as 100 gallons of water a day. Imagine having to regularly test water quality and maintain your own water system.

This is an issue 1.7 million Virginians with private water supplies have to deal with. Sharon Beasley is one of many who is concerned with her home’s water quality.

Beasley, a Roanoke County resident, has been relying on water from a household well for years. With a husband and two children, she needs to ensure her family’s health and make sure her well water is not full of harmful contaminants. Fortunately for Beasley, she found out about a water quality clinic in her community. Continue reading

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