Partners in Progress

Edwin Jones and Saied Mostaghimi

Edwin Jones, left, and Saied Mostaghimi

A message from the directors

Today’s world is changing rapidly.

We are facing pressures from a growing population, emerging health threats from new diseases, and challenges of keeping our drinking water safe.

But Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station — the two agencies that make up Agency 229 — have been working hard to help Virginia and its citizens overcome those challenges.

The stories in the pages that follow highlight the work we are undertaking in Virginia and around the world. Whether we are preparing students for new opportunities in the workforce, informing farmers of new food safety regulations, providing water testing and education to private water system owners, or helping producers increase their profits through value-added marketing, our mission is to improve the standard of living and quality of life for Virginians.

We encourage you to visit our websites — and — to learn more about our research and programs that are making an impact in communities across Virginia.


Edwin J. Jones
Associate Dean and Director, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Saied Mostaghimi
Associate Dean and Director, Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station

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