New dairy complex boosts industry

Dairy Science Complex — Kentland Farm

Dairy Science Complex at Kentland Farm.

Virginia’s dairy industry is valued at more than $480 million and is the state’s third most valuable agricultural commodity.

To serve this industry, Virginia Tech researchers and Virginia Cooperative Extension agents and specialists work in concert to provide the most current and relevant knowledge to producers around the state.

Now, they have a new state-of-the-art dairy facility where they can help the industry grow
even more.

This summer, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences completed construction of the $14 million Dairy Science Complex – Kentland Farm.

“The new facilities provide great opportunities for students desiring a hands-on, experiential education, and they will also allow the faculty to conduct innovative research that is important for the dairy industry,” said Alan Grant, dean of the college.

Features of the high-tech facility include an 11,900-square-foot milking parlor with a double-12 parallel milking system and computerized milk-monitoring system, a 46,000-square-foot freestall barn where the 232 milking cows will be housed, a modern waste management system, a special-needs heifer barn, and a preweaned calf facility.

This first phase of construction was funded by Virginia Tech with nongeneral funds. The Virginia General Assembly has approved $7.6 million in funding for Phase II of the dairy complex, which will include a demonstration facility located near Plantation Road, an applied reproductive physiology facility adjacent to the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, and an intensive metabolism research facility at the Kentland Farm complex.

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  1. Jeremy Daubet says:

    Can you get a picture of the new dairy facilities? That picture is not them, and doesn’t even appear to be a dairy farm.

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