New building will bring researchers together

This November, construction of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ newest building, Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1, will be complete. It is the first of four buildings planned for the new Bioscience Precinct.

The 93,860-square-foot building that is being constructed with state funds will be home to cutting-edge research that will provide practical solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our planet.

Researchers from two departments — biological systems engineering and food science and technology — will be located in the building and will immerse themselves in nanotechnology, bioenergy, biomaterials, food safety, food packaging and processing, and environmental quality analysis, among other topics.

Having so many disciplines in one location will allow researchers to work collaboratively and combine their talents and interests. The research activities and discoveries that take place in HABB1 will become the cornerstone of programs that will directly benefit the citizens of the commonwealth and the agriculture, food, and health industries.

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