From the Dean — March 2015

Portrait, Saied Mostaghimi

Associate Dean Saied Mostaghimi

Saied Mostaghimi, associate dean for research and graduate studies, is the guest columnist this month. 


Dear colleagues,

Great progress has been made in recent years in increasing graduate student enrollment in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Currently we have a graduate student enrollment of approximately 570 students, and the college’s strategic plan aims to increase the number of graduate student enrollment to 850. Overall, the university’s strategic plan to increase the total number of graduate students by 1,000 provides an opportunity for the college to garner more resources to achieve its strategic plan goal. A brief summary of initiatives developed by CALS to enhance graduate student enrollment include:

Dean’s Graduate Research Assistantships

CALS increased the number of hard-funded research assistantships to 50 as well as the stipend level. These assistantships are distributed to the academic units based on their potential to increase their Ph.D. enrollment. In return, the units receiving these assistantships commit to increasing their current Ph.D. enrollment within the next three years by a factor of two times the number of the Dean’s Assistantships they receive. Continue reading

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